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Answers About Revive Questions

How does REVIVE™ work?

REVIVE™ directly targets the areas of the brain susceptible to free radical damage, inflammation and toxin buildup, supporting your brain's natural ability to repair and protect itself from these attacks. In doing so REVIVE™ helps to restore your brain to a natural, healthy state and sharpens your ability to perform, focus and recall.

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What makes REVIVE™ different from other supplements?

Many other supplements are designed to ensure our diets are complete with the required nutrients that maintain overall good health and well being. REVIVE™ is made for the brain and the brain only, as it is our most unique organ and functions differently than the rest of our body in almost every respect.
REVIVE™ is designed to be taken every morning with food of every day as a long-term, effective and healthy way to care for your brain throughout your lifetime. REVIVE™ is made in Canada, uses a unique blend of the same clinically proven ingredients found to have a positive impact on brain health and, unlike many other supplements and energy products, provides you with a lasting boost of mental energy that isn’t temporary and won’t cause an afternoon crash.

What is the foundational science behind REVIVE™?

REVIVE™ is based on 7 years of research on brain aging and cognitive decline at a leading neuroscience institute in Canada that led to a breakthrough discovery of how our brain ages. This new understanding of brain aging, the natural decline in cognitive performance we all experience as we age, presented the exciting possibility that it may be a reversible process.

This discovery forms the backbone of the science behind REVIVE™, which targets the same areas of the brain that were discovered to be responsible for and susceptible to the effects of brain aging and cognitive decline, and supports your brain's natural ability to protect itself from this process.

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What ingredients are found in REVIVE™?

REVIVE™ contains a unique blend of clinically proven ingredients working together to optimize your brain's performance, including:
• Vitamin E (Alpha-tocopherol)
• Centella Asiatica (Gotu Kola) Extract
• Panax Ginseng Extract
• Alpha Lipoic Acid
• Selenium

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Where is REVIVE™ made?

REVIVE™ is made in Canada, in a GMP approved facility.

What Are The Effects Of REVIVE™? When Will I Start To Feel Them?

REVIVE™ is designed to support your brain's natural ability to repair, protect and detoxify itself. In doing so, REVIVE™ helps your brain to return to remain in a natural, healthy state, which in turn supports improved learning, memory, focus, concentration, a more restful sleep, stress reduction and increased, lasting mental energy.

Many customers have reported feeling a boost in mental energy and better sleep quality as early as 1 to 2 weeks after first using REVIVE™. However, REVIVE™ is designed as a healthy, effective and long-term solution in achieving optimal brain health and should be taken daily for at least 3 months before the full effects will be felt.

Who Makes REVIVE™?

REVIVE™ is made by SLS Nutraceuticals Pte. Ltd., or "SLS Nutra". SLS Nutra is a Singapore-based biotechnology leader founded by a Canadian neuroscientist on a vision that everyone can take an active role in achieving and maintaining peak cognitive performance throughout lifetime.

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Is REVIVE™ Vegetarian/Vegan Friendly?

Yes, REVIVE™ is safe to take for vegetarians and vegans.

Does REVIVE™ Contain Any...?

REVIVE™ does not contain any genetically modified organisms (GMO), nuts, wheat, gluten, preservatives, sulphites, animal products, artificial colouring or flavouring. REVIVE™ does contain soy, corn or their derivatives.

How Do I Know REVIVE™ Is Safe?

We invest heavily in our quality control and testing procedures in order to ensure REVIVE™ is always of the safest and highest quality. Every batch of REVIVE™ is rigorously tested for purity, allergens, pesticides, herbicides, heavy metals, residual solvents, yeast, mold and a range of bacterium. REVIVE™ is manufactured in a GMP certified facility in Canada.

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